Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get off the Couch and Have Some FUN: 10 fun ways to keep your family fit and healthy

Remember the days when being inside meant doing chores? Was it hard for your mother to get you to come inside the house for dinner?

Times have changed.

With all of the entertainment geared at kids through your computer, cell phone, television, or other electronic devices, a huge portion of a typical kid’s day is spent indoors.

We here at School-A-Thon believe healthy, happy kids need quality time outside. So, here are ten exercise activities to do with your kids to keep them active - and having fun while doing it.

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  1. Take a Stroll to the Park
Spending the afternoon at a park is a great way to get out of the house and burn some calories. Push your kids on the swing set, follow them down the slide or play a game of tag; not only will your kids have active fun, but we’re thinking you’ll be laughing and out of breath along with them.  

  1. Have a Water Balloon Fight
Having a good old fashioned water balloon fight is a fun way to cool off and make lifelong memories.

  1. Go to the Beach
Pack a picnic and spend a day at the beach with the family. Swimming is a fun way to absentmindedly work lots of muscle groups and have a blast! Don’t forget to bring floaties, snorkels, and a beach ball for water games as well as buckets and shovels to make a mansion of a sand castle.
  1. Hit the rides at an Amusement Park
Going to an amusement park can tire a person of any age, but will also be a ton of FUN! Take a day trip and splurge with your family - but don’t forget to bring the sunscreen!

  1. Take a hike at the State Park
Enjoy a little nature in the good ‘ol outdoors with a family hike to the nearest state park or any good, local hiking trail.  

Whether it be jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and seek, building an obstacle course, playing fetch with the dog, jumping in the leaves or playing catch, spending a few hours outside in your own backyard can be great for your health and fun for the whole family!

  1. Have a competition
See who can stand on one leg the longest, race them across the yard, have a hula-hoop competition, see who can do the best summersault, cartwheel or dance move; the possibilities are endless!

  1. Go to the County Fair
There are so many fun things to see at the fair,  you’ll spend more of the time on your feet. From watching the horse show, touring the animal barns, going on the rides and attending a grand stand event, the calories you burn from walking around are countless. (Just remember not to eat too much deliciously fried fair food.)

  1. Go for a Walk
Go for a stroll around the neighborhood. Leash up the dog, push the stroller or just enjoy a peaceful walk in some familiar surroundings.

  1. And last, but certainly not least: Visit your Relatives!!!
Whether it be your parents (your kid’s grandparents) your sisters or brothers, aunts and uncles, etc… Visiting relatives is good for your whole family. Watch your kids run around the yard, play a game of charades, tag, a ball game or just visit with family. There are a ton of options here, and the memories you make will be cherished for years to come.

There are many fun activities to do with the whole family that can help to be more fit, active, happy, less stressed and healthier! The list of the benefits could go on and on.

The partners at School-A-Thon want every family to be healthy and happy - so much, in fact, that they decided to create Color-A-Thon.

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Color-A-Thon is an educational fundraiser in a league of it’s own. It’s an innovative, profitable, and fun event that schools all over the country are using to put a splash of color into their thon and experience phenomenal profit while providing a unique, community based event for all ages. If you are interested in learning more about Color-A-Thon, liked all of our fun, active family ideas, or have some more ideas of your own, please feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts! We would love to hear from you.