Monday, May 23, 2016

Four Theme Ideas for Color Run Teams

Color-A-Thon runs are filled with color, laughter, and so much fun! With the explosion of color-a-thon runs, it can be a lot of fun to choose a theme for your team to dress up. When your team matches, you will really stand out and add to the fun!

1. Dr. Suess Characters
1024px-USMC-120228-M-IY869-257.jpgThing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat are always a hit! They are famous for their crazy blue hair and red costumes. You can do this with just two people, or create a whole clan of “Things.” Choose a general Dr. Seuss theme and your team could be comprised of a variety of colorful characters! Your theme is sure to stand out from the crowd!

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera via Wikimedia Commons

2. Disney Princesses
Calling all Disney lovers! This theme is perfect for a big team since there are so many princesses to choose from. Since each princess wears a different color, it will be fun to see what the dresses look like after a color run! For a fresh spin, instead of dressing like your favorite princess, dress up as your favorite Disney villain!

3. 101 Dalmatians
This theme is perfect for a color run. Since this theme is mostly white, the colors will really show up well. You can even go as far as painting your face white, then see how it changes after all the color.

4. Superheros
4428756032_e60f409f00_z.jpgWho doesn’t want to dress up as their favorite superhero? Now is your chance! All you need to do is have everyone in your group choose a different superhero character and you will surely conquer the run! Gather your masks (which are sure to make some cool patterns!) and capes to match your favorite superhero, or make up your own!

Photo by JD Hancock via Flickr

Whichever theme you choose, your Color-A-Thon will surely be a blast! Now, get your team together and start planning! Do you have a favorite team theme? Comment below!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 Ways to Get Your Kids Active

An active and healthy lifestyle is not just for adults. In fact, kids need to be active just as much as their bigger counterparts. Being active as a kid sets the stage for a healthy lifestyle early on, making it much easier to continue throughout life. Encouraging your kids to be more active can be difficult at times, but when you get creative it becomes much more fun!

1. Tag, you’re it!

With warmer weather, outdoor activities are now an easier option. You can engage in games as simple as the classic tag, you can choose one of the many variations of tag, or make up your own. This will not only get your kids active, but you as well.


2. Don’t Touch the Lava!

You may have called it something else when you were young, but nearly every kid has played some variation of the game don’t touch the lava. This game can be played  just about anywhere, as long as it involves jumping from one thing to the next while not touching the ground. Your kids will use their balancing skills as well as concentration, all while jumping around and burning energy.

3. Yoga for the Kiddos

Yoga is trending for all ages. Moving through multiple challenging poses promotes creativity and confidence. Yoga also gives your children both mental and physical health benefits. It helps teach your kids relaxation to aid in managing stress at a young age.

4. Let’s go Fly a Kite

Flying kites is a traditional, fun activity. It allows your kids to use their imagination while running their kite through the wind. Plus, there are many varieties of shapes, animals and characters to choose. Buy them one featuring their favorite character, or help them to try their hand at creating their own!


5. Nature Walk

Nature walks can be fun and relaxing for people of all ages, especially kids. It gets you and your kids out and about while searching for wildlife. Bring a nature book along so your kids can point out when they see a specific creature or plant - learning and exercise at once? Yes, please!

Adding extra physical activity into your kids’ lives will benefit them for years to come. Plus, these activities are great opportunities for building your relationship with your kids!

If you and your kids are interested getting active through a Color-A-Thon run this summer, visit School-A-Thon on our website for more information.