Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fitness Activities for Your Family

Get Off.jpg
Are you trying to keep your family active and healthy, but don’t have time for the gym? You can still be fit and have a great workout without the treadmill and dumbbells. Exercise can not only be beneficial to your family’s health but also serve as quality bonding time! Dedicate one hour of fitness-related activities each day to keep your family in shape. Let these creative fitness ideas turn your family into a happy and healthy family!

Do a Dance Off!
Hold a family dance-off! Each member of the family gets one song to show off their dance skills. Pick upbeat tracks that get you and your family moving! Your can do this for 20-30 minutes each day and pick a daily champion - Maybe even allocate prizes to the best booty-shaker of the day!

Utilize Commercials
Does your family seem to be watching too much TV? Many families have a certain TV show or televised sport they watch together. Next time you are enjoying yours, get up and move around during the commercials. You can do exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks in your living room. You can also change the name of these workouts to make them sound more fun to your kids. You can also put a different family member in charge to give the activities orders or play a quick round of Simon Says. This will keep the kids interested in these commercial break workouts.

Start a Sports Night
Pick a night out of the week that you have the most free time in your weekly schedule and have a sports night! There are a ton of sports you can play that double as a workout. You can play soccer, kickball, football and much more. You can also organize with your neighborhood to get other kids to join in the fun!
Hold a Hula-hoop Contest
Once a week, have a “longest Hula-Hooper” contest. Hula hooping is a great way to get the kids moving all their muscles, working on their coordination, and participation in a good cardio workout. Use a whiteboard or something similar to keep a weekly log or stat of all the family members.The longest hooper of the week will be crowned the king or queen of that week! Leaving the scores of the contest up will have your kids practicing on their own so they can take the crown for the next week.
These activities are short, sweet and super fun. You can get your family in great shape and share quality time with them. Try new activities each week that get your family moving! Check our Facebook page for more ideas, or follow us on Twitter. We hope you enjoyed these fitness ideas, now go get your family moving!