Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Fun: Keep your Kids Active this Winter

It is no secret that winter is cold. Many people even choose to avoid the winter wonderland outside their doorstep as much as possible. Although cuddling by the fire while drinking hot-cocoa is a joyful winter activity, there are also many outdoor activities to do that will get your blood pumping and keep you warm! This winter, we suggest that you embrace the chilled snow and plan some fun family outings that include actually being OUTside.

Here is a short list of our favorite activities to do in the winter:

  1. Building a Snowman
Creating your own Jack Frost or Olaf in the front of your yard is something your kids will be proud of. When you are finished, snuggle up to the classic Jack Frost movie, or the new hit Frozen and relax after a project well done.
  1. Sledding
Grab your toboggan or snow tube, find the biggest hill in the neighborhood and fly to the bottom of the hill. You and your kids will be having so much fun, you won’t even notice the calories you are burning when you climb back up to the top.

  1. Snowball Fight
Is your child a softball, baseball or football star in the making? A snowball fight is a sure way to help them work on their aim and hit their favorite target: you.

  1. Snow-Tubing
If there is a ski resort in the area, bring your kids out tubing for the day. It is a fun time for the whole family- and you will have a tow rope to drag you back up the hill.

  1. Skiing or Snowboarding
Teaching your kids how to ski or snowboard at a young age is a great way to teach them balance, coordination and patience. They might not get the hang of it right away, but as they improve, it will make them proud of their persistence and accomplishments.

  1. Making a Snow Fort
You’ve made plenty of forts in the living room involving couches, blankets, lamps and the TV,  but have you made a snow fort yet? Once you are finished, climb on in. You may not think it, but it is actually warmer huddling under that mound of snow.

  1. Shoveling
Although this may not seem very fun, by adding an incentive to this winter chore, your kids will be fighting over who gets to shovel the sidewalk or driveway after each snowfall! The best part? You won’t have to do it!

These are just a few of our ideas at School-A-Thon, and there are definitely many more! Get out there this winter and have some fun in the snow. Remember to dress warm with a hat, mittens, snowpants and jacket when you partake in one of these fun activities. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more fun winter ideas! Do you have any more fun ideas to stay active in the winter? We would love to hear them in the comments below!