Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Choosing the Right “Thon” for Your School

Are your students sick and tired of going door-to-door with the same old fundraiser every year?
Where is the fun in that? School-A-Thon wants to give your school a different option to that boring annual fundraiser. We know that fundraising is key to any school, but the old methods usually don’t have enough time and manpower and can come up short on funds.
School-A-Thon offers many different “thons” for your school. Our most popular thon is a Color-A-Thon Fun Walk/Run. This is something that the entire school will remember for years to come. Our goal with a Color-A-Thon is to build school spirit and have fun with color camaraderie. Students then earn T-shirts and cool rewards. In addition, your school will make money and everyone will know they got the job done in the process.

The kids will get to pick from red, yellow, blue and pink for the colors they want to wear for the fun walk/run. The biggest goal is to end up with one color; green, as in plenty of funds for your school!

Additional Thons
Schools can also choose whether they have a spelling, reading, cleaning or service work thon. Schools can also come up with their own ideas for a thon including a dance-a-thon, game-a-thon, or dribble-a-thon.

There are plenty of ideas to be had. Choosing to dance-a-thon is a good way to get your school together and get some exercise in the process. Who doesn’t love to dance anyway? Choosing a game-a-thon by playing board games is a great way to use some brainpower outside of the classroom. And a dribble-a-thon can get all of those athletes on the floor at once playing some basketball.

School-A-Thon wants to fit your school’s goals and values. Whether you’re interested in keeping your students healthy with exercise, trying to help your school bond or just provide some fun, there are many different options to choose from.

Executing a Successful Thon
Your Color-A-Thon can be a fee-based event or donation-based. For a donation-based event, the school must have a custom pledge site for each student. School-A-Thon will provide donation envelopes and a prize program to get as many kids to participate as possible. A donation-based event is ideal for an elementary or middle school. Minimizing the student’s work will get more results.

An entrance fee-based event is good for a community event, high school or nonprofit. You choose your entry fee (minimum $30), which includes a color pack and T-Shirt. You get a custom registration website, money-management software and much more to make this event pop and be fun and profitable at the same time.

Make sure to visit to find out which type of event is right for your school.