Monday, September 25, 2017

The Importance Of Getting A Good Night's Sleep

Now that school is in full swing, getting your children on a schedule that allows for adequate amounts of sleep is crucial. You’ll see the results of too-little sleep in poor behavior, decreased performance, low energy, mood swings, and more! To focus on the positive, we want to outline the benefits you will gain when you and your kids get enough rest. Knowing the importance of a good night's sleep can help you hit the sheets a little earlier and be a little better each day!

Benefits For Your Kids

The biggest benefit of a good night's sleep is better behavior. Our kids need lots of rest; even kids as old as 13 years are recommended to get 11 hours of sleep at night. Getting enough sleep can improve your kid's ability to regulate mood and increase their overall patience. A good night's sleep is very important for your child's learning experience at school. Their brain will be working at full force having gotten enough rest and their memory for absorbing new information will improve. Perhaps most surprising, recent research indicates a good night's sleep can also lower a child's chance of obesity.

Benefits For You

When your kids get enough sleep and their behavior improves, that alone is a huge benefit for your sanity. If you usually have a couple of hours to yourself when the kids go to bed, their earlier bedtime allows you more shut-eye without sacrificing your me-time. With that extra time in the evening, you can prep the kids' backpacks or lunches for the next day, making your school mornings less hectic. Besides these benefits, the largest improvement you will find with better sleep is more energy to take on the day! Anyone with kids knows how invaluable energy levels are with the demands of a busy family lifestyle.

If your family does not have a routine bedtime and you allow the kids to stay up late on a regular basis, reconsider now that you know the importance of a good night's sleep.

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